You will need
  • pattern for dressing gown;
  • - Terry cloth size 130х180;
  • - tape or braid to cover the edges of the dressing gown;
  • - needle, thread, scissors;
  • - a piece of soap or chalk;
  • - a sewing machine.
Take measurements: waist circumference (FROM), hip circumference (ABOUT), chest girth (CG), length (measured from the seventh cervical vertebra), the length of the sleeves. If you have difficult to do this, ask someone close to help.
Prepared fabric fold in half along the grain lines (along the short side 130 cm). Measure at the bend in the middle and two sides with chalk, draw a Central axial line. From this line left and right, set aside one quarter of the circumference of the hips. On the basis of the drawing and its measurements, measure the length of the robeand the sleeve length, then the width of the sleeve. Mark lines on the drawing armhole and shoulder seams.
Cut two square with dimensions 17x17 cm (in the drawing these squares is shaded). Of these square pieces of fabric you will make the pockets. The line length of 16 cm under the hood (two segments with a length of 8 cm on both sides of the Central axial lines), slitting is not necessary. Here the hood is connected by the robeof om.
Vsheyte sleeves in armhole. Then sew the sleeve seam and shoulder seam. They will continue each other, so they need to sew at the same time. The corners of the hood sew. Sew the neck to the lower part of the hood.
Fold the edges of the square 17x17 1.5 cm and baste. Proutyuzhte fold of tissue iron. On one side lay the line on the sewing machine - it will be the top of the pocket. After that attach the pocket to its place on the Bathrobee and sew. Pull out the thread that swept the pocket. In the same way make and sew another pocket. All the edges of the robeand top of pockets panel with tape or braid. Made of Terry loop fabric, sew them onto the gownat the waist, also made of the same cloth.