First you need to know which type of gown you need. The three of them – women's bathrobes, men's bathrobes and type "unisex", which can equally be suitable for both men and women. The designation of the sizes of men's and women's bathrobes, in accordance with European standards, differ by one. For example, if the label you see the symbol XL, womens robe this corresponds to the usual 50-th size, and the men – 52 mu. In robes of the "unisex" adopted male standards.
For Terry and velour bathrobes are used by several main sizes. "S" (small) – fits 44-th size, "M" (medium) – 46-mu, L (large) – 48-50. Then there are men's XL (50-52), XXL (52-54), XXXL (54-56). To determine the size more accurately, you can use a common dimension table that is not hard to find on the Internet.
Sometimes on the labels of imported gowns you can see the inscription "one size". This means that the item will fit equally well, and for the 46th and the 50th of the size.
When buying a Bathrobe for a child you should know what is taken into account its growth. Ie in order to purchase the correct size robe, measure the growth of your baby.
Womens bathrobes can be abundance of parts and have a complicated cut. Therefore, in order to purchase a excellent sitting on you thing, to consider different measurements, not just chest.
To determine the desired parameters. Undress to underwear and remove shoes to make more precise measurements. To determine the circumference of chest centimeter placed on the most protruding points of breast and axillary cavities. To accurately measure the waist, tie at the narrowest part of the waist belt or cord, and attach a centimeter. Hip measure at the most protruding points of buttocks and thighs.
If your figure has some characteristics – wider hips or a larger bust, broad shoulders, etc., for robe, you should take into account the larger option.