You will need
  • For Bathrobe length 120 cm:
  • Fabric is 3.2 m width of 90 cm
  • For robe length 80 cm:
  • Fabric – 2.4 m width 90 cm
Draw the pattern to the dimensions shown on the paper. You need to draw the back of shelves – 2 details sleeve – 2 details. For the treatment of shelves and neckline cut out detail 2 strap common thread. Don't forget to take into account the seam 1.5 cm from all sides. The pattern lay out on fabric and make some for her with all the necessary details. Out of the remaining fabric will have plenty of belt to the desired length, one detail with a width of 7 cm.
Sew shoulder seams, starting from the neck, the edges and zautyuzhte them in different directions. Treat the bottom of the sleeves fold them into 4 cm and prostrochite. Sew the sleeves to the shoulder sections.
Sew seams of sleeves and side seams robe-kimono. Treat "zigzag" seams and well outwrite them. The hem of his robe fold 4 cm and treat it the same as the bottom of the sleeves.
Sew the strap at the back seam, the seam proutyuzhte. Attach it to the shelf, right sides inside and baste to it, from the neckline on the back in both directions. Pristrochite bar along the entire length, fold it on the front side. Tutuila seam. Do not fold the sewn edge of the strap, turning down his inside on 1, 5 see Outwrite seam and baste the bottom edge of the strap to the shelf and the neck, prostrochite seam on the front side of the gown.
Belt fold in half to the inside face of the fabric, stitch and turn it, iron the and attrocites on two sides, wrapped inside the ends. Tutuila zone.