Advice 1: How to sew a kimono-Bathrobe

Once closed to Europeans, Japan was not only gradually integrated into the global culture, but she became a part of it. We admire and use a beautiful Japanese porcelain, we love to visit the restaurants and order the dishes of Japanese cuisine. But at home many of us are beautiful and very comfortable bathrobes in the traditional Japanese style "kimono". To sew a kimono-dressing gown you can own, this is not difficult. If you want to sew a Bathrobe, choose Terry cloth, if home - silk or satin.
How to sew a kimono-Bathrobe
You will need
  • For Bathrobe length 120 cm:
  • Fabric is 3.2 m width of 90 cm
  • For robe length 80 cm:
  • Fabric – 2.4 m width 90 cm
Draw the pattern to the dimensions shown on the paper. You need to draw the back of shelves – 2 details sleeve – 2 details. For the treatment of shelves and neckline cut out detail 2 strap common thread. Don't forget to take into account the seam 1.5 cm from all sides. The pattern lay out on fabric and make some for her with all the necessary details. Out of the remaining fabric will have plenty of belt to the desired length, one detail with a width of 7 cm.
Sew shoulder seams, starting from the neck, the edges and zautyuzhte them in different directions. Treat the bottom of the sleeves fold them into 4 cm and prostrochite. Sew the sleeves to the shoulder sections.
Sew seams of sleeves and side seams robe-kimono. Treat "zigzag" seams and well outwrite them. The hem of his robe fold 4 cm and treat it the same as the bottom of the sleeves.
Sew the strap at the back seam, the seam proutyuzhte. Attach it to the shelf, right sides inside and baste to it, from the neckline on the back in both directions. Pristrochite bar along the entire length, fold it on the front side. Tutuila seam. Do not fold the sewn edge of the strap, turning down his inside on 1, 5 see Outwrite seam and baste the bottom edge of the strap to the shelf and the neck, prostrochite seam on the front side of the gown.
Belt fold in half to the inside face of the fabric, stitch and turn it, iron the and attrocites on two sides, wrapped inside the ends. Tutuila zone.
Bathrobe-kimono waist neotrazimoi, it is spacious and long. Sleeves three quarters, wide and comfortable. According to the proposed pattern you can sew a gown for myself and for my husband. You will need: • fabric (cotton, corduroy, satin, silk): width 1.50 m — 2.40 m, with a width of 0.90 m — about 4 m; • bias binding with a width of 10 cm and a length of 3.30 m.
Useful advice
To create this model you will need fabric 90 cm wide and 3.20 m (to robe length 120cm) or 2.40 m (to robe length 80 cm). For satin models - 4 m lace, for the model of cotton - a piece of dark solid fabric width 90 cm and length 0.5 m. Now draw the pattern. Kimono consists of the following parts: the back, two shelves, two sleeves, strap to handle sections of shelves and neckline of the back, and belt.

Advice 2: How to sew yourself a kimono

Kimono is not just clothing it is a symbol of Japanese culture. A kimono made with their own hands, will be the beginning of the initiation to the land of the rising sun, the more that such clothing is beautiful and comfortable. For the first kimono is better to choose a Yukata robe. This kind of sew is made of cotton and are usually at home and used to sleep.
Kimono, hand made, will be the beginning of the initiation to the land of the rising sun
You will need
  • A suitable fabric, sewing supplies.
The model is designed for the height 170-180 cm Fit suitable for both men and women.

We will need about 3 meter of fabric width of 150 cm Before cutting the fabric must be washed, so she shrunk, and we have seen its real size. Also it should be ironed, which will facilitate cutting work.
Ready for cutting the fabric lay on the floor. Armed with a thin chalk or a piece of dry soap. Cutting the following details: sleeve 90х40 cm – 2 PCs, back 150х70 cm – 1 PCs, front 150х70 cm – 1 piece(front and back can Troitsa on the fold as one piece, then the shoulders will be in stitches), facing the neck 200х10 cm – 1 PCs, belt 250х10 cm – 1. (optional cap, may be of several pieces), the smell of the front 110х20 cm – 2.
It should be clarified that a long belt is calculated as triple the waist, and the facing of the neck during the fit will take your exact length. It should also be noted that the details of the smell and the sleeves are better to carve out the edges of the fabric, then not have to hem the sleeves and the floors, because there edge. And do not forget about the allowances of about 1.5 cm.
The details of the sleeves, took them in the middle, attach the front side to the front side of a bend on the shoulder. Prostrochite them so that there is 10 cm to the edge of the part. Then remove the kimono on the wrong side and prostrochite bottom of sleeves, folded double, so that there is about 15 cm for the hand, and jotted a "pocket" can be used for its intended purpose. Then sew the side seams. After the parts of the front need to pritchet odors.
It is easier to do focusing on the bottom. Now we need to yukato folded in half and cut the neck. Prostracii first obtachku neck, attach it to the front side of the front and sew. It remains to tuck the edges.
The final detail is the belt. Fold the piece inside out and stitch, leaving one short edge, now turn out, sew the hem and iron. In this simple way it is possible to sew a kimono for himself and his family. Try it and you will love it!
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