Do gymnastics for the face. Today, this set of exercises is also called Basarabia. Doing, you are forced to move facial muscles, activates the metabolism, increases blood circulation and normalizes the sebaceous and sweat glands. By doing the exercises, you can improve skin elasticity and partly to get rid of wrinkles. With regular and systematic training, you can significantly reduce the amount of fat cheeks.
Try to limit yourself to food (especially avoid a large consumption of high-calorie foods and bakery products) and give preference to natural products. From the proper choice of food intake not only will you be able to lose weight (and the person usually loses weight in the first place), but also acquire a healthy and beautiful complexion.
Do best makeup. If you can not yourself, ask for help in a beauty salon. Experienced quilters will tell you how to correctly apply one or another form of decorative cosmetics to visually reduce the cheeks.
Perform self-massage, especially the two basic techniques: light pressing thumbs move them along the jaw line (lower) to ears; slightly pokolachivanii nasolabial folds, chin and lower part of cheeks light and fast finger movements.
Pay attention to water procedures. Every morning and evening, poured over the neck with cold water or infusions. Vigorously try to Pat his cheeks with a towel soaked in salted cold water. Do contrast packs: ice towel hot swap a few times, every hold on the face not less than a minute. Short-term applying hot and cold towels alternately causes contraction and expansion of blood vessels, strengthens the skin and improves muscle tone, which in turn is necessary if you wish to get rid of chubby cheeks.
To get rid of fat cheeks will help plastic surgery. But such radical methods it is not necessary to use 30 years earlier. With age, the fullness of the cheeks falls is a physiological process. When surgical correction is removed the fatty lump bisha, giving the cheeks plump.