Lying on back keep your head on weight. From time to time, lift her up high enough to see their own socks feet. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times. It provides incredible effects visible after a few days.
This exercise can be performed at home, generally in passing, it doesn't require seated or lying down. It's called "Giraffe". Stand up straight, square your chest and shoulders. Then pull the neck up as much as possible, fixing the shoulders (so they are not raised together with the neck and head). Take a deep breath, count about 10 seconds, with a delay exhale and relax tense before the muscles of the neck, chest, shoulders. Repeat 6-10 times.
Honey massage. This is a very simple and accessible procedure. Take your fingers a little bit of honey and begin to massage the chin, yet he does not blush. Time further continuation of the procedure depends on you you can do the massage for 20-30 minutes or until you get tired hands. Honey is good nutrition and hydration of the skin, the massaging motion exercises for the muscles after regular exercise become elastic and prevent sagging skin.
Books. Yes, they also contribute to the reduction of double chin, only used for its direct purpose. In this case, do not read, and worn on the head. Weight determine for yourself, but remember – the more weight, the larger the weight gain muscles of the neck. Back when doing this exercise should be straight, shoulders back, head held high. This way you not only from double chin get rid of, but will have a beautiful posture.
Acidic compress. It is indicated for those who have a second chin is already clearly visible. Take a gauze or a bandage with a width of 2 cm, fold in four. Water with lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar and apply on your chin. Tie a scarf or handkerchief after taking a layer of cellophane. Keep for half an hour. Remove and apply on the area greasy creams. Again after half an hour, apply a gauze soaked already but not with lemon juice and ice water. Keep for 5-10 minutes. The procedure should be done twice a week.
But these exercises, invented by French cosmetologist N. Scorch, you can do 2 times a day 10 times each:

1. With extreme muscle tension, pronounce the sounds "I" And "U".

2. Sit down, put the bottom to the chin, clenched fists, and try to lower the chin, but fists as if not letting him down. 1.5 minutes such a "struggle" slowly put your hands down.