You will need
  • Diuretic herbs, exercise, sleep, massage, towel.
Hoping to burn off the chubby cheeks, many women begin to put on the skin cream for weight loss and fluid removal. Because the skin on the face is delicate and sensitive, should not do it. This approach is fraught with irritation, acne and redness.
Pay attention to your fluid balance in the body. Maybe chubby cheeks is a consequence of excessive fluid intake. In this case, stop to drink a lot at night, eat less salty and spicy food. Safely and quickly withdraw excess fluid from the body will help diuretic herbs.
Take time light physical activity. Also a positive effect on the face beauty is having healthy sleep.
Guide the course of the Japanese massage for the face. Exercises that a massage helps to eliminate swelling of the face, wrinkles, tighten the muscles and prolong youth. To massage both at home and at work.
To reduce cheeks and strengthen their middle part, you need to bend your elbows and raise them. The palms should rest on the cheeks. Next, the muscles of the cheeks should gradually stretch and the fingers to take to the ears. A similar exercise should be repeated at least three times. In the conclusion of each exercise, you need hands to hold along the cheeks.
Good effect in eliminating chubby cheeks will help achieve the morning massage with a towel. The towel must be wetted with infusion of herbs, take the edges and sharp Pat on the chin. For making better use of infusion of Linden blossom, chamomile, yarrow and sage.