You will need
  • – a pencil or a tube of mascara
  • – a food diary
Analyze your lifestyle and habits. Fat deposits in the cheeks can indicate that the person often tilts his head down, taking the posture of "look askance". In this case, you need a comprehensive approach to solving the problem. Try as often as possible to remember that the head must be kept straight and chin line must lie strictly parallel to the floor.
Try the exercises for the cheek muscles. One of the most common of them is the so-called "painting lips". Squeeze the lips, the tip of a pencil or a tube of mascara and try to draw the subject of the letter "a". For the first time, mount it in the air the first five letters of the alphabet. This exercise needs to be done every day, gradually increasing the number of "registered" letters.
Rethink your diet. May increase fat in the cheeks is the result of excessive consumption of high-calorie food. Try during the day to keep a food diary, in which make all the products that have been taken in food. If the self is to balance your diet does not succeed, then refer to the dietitian.
Will include in my exercise program fitness exercise programs. If a busy schedule prevents the full exercise, at least in part refuse transport and lifts. Coaches say that the prevention of obesity (including local) to do 10,000 steps per day, equivalent to 2.5 hours walking at a moderate pace.
Take a course in sculptural massage. This cosmetic procedure is contraindicated in women up to 25 years. Complex sculptural massage, you can affect the lymphatic layer, and muscle layer of the skin that after the first three treatments leads to a surprising result.
Contact your doctor in case if all efforts have not led to the desired result. In this case, the probability of metabolic disorders and urinary system. Chubby cheeks can also appear as a result of excessive consumption of water, salt and pepper.