Add a little more than normal washing powder when washing things. If you wash in the machine, pre-satirewire problem areas on the fabric by hand using gloves or a special soap called "Antipyatin".
RUB with baking soda armpit on things and let them soak awhile. Then just wash the thing with using the usual detergent. This method will help not only eliminate the smell, but to remove the yellowness from things.
Add two tablespoons of salt for every wash in the main compartment of the washing machine. If you wash in a basin, put 1 tablespoon. You can use sea salt, no difference. Things, washed with salt added, much softer after drying.
If all else fails, wash first on the preliminary programme, and then to the principal. A particularly sweaty gym clothes soak in the basin, and then wash in the machine.
When washing whites, use chlorine bleach, but for the color the best option would be oxygen bleach. To buy these tools at any hardware store at an affordable price.
In the last rinse, add conditioner, but it will not save if you are badly stretched out the smell of sweat. Try not to wear out things and change them daily. Do not forget the deodorant.