Look carefully at the labels, which are sewn to the garment. If it says that it can be washed, you can load the thing into the washing machine, following all the instructions, i.e., what mode and temperature to do it. Better when washing to avoid extraction. Even if the product is allowed to clear in this way. Remember that push-UPS can ruin it.
If the jacket can not be washed, you may have to clean it differently. You cannot process a coating of the jacket means containing powerful solvents or highly active chemicals. It can destroy PVC-coated, which basically is faux leather.
Do not use bleaching agents, as well as do not scrape or stain, faux leather is less durable structure than that of natural material.
It is best dissolved in warm water, neutral detergent, then soaked it with a soft cloth, then wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth.
It is also good to use a solution of alcohol and water at the rate of 50 ml per 50 ml. After you rubbed all the dirt cleaning solution, wipe again with a damp cloth, then dry.
While cleaning the jacket hang it in the bathroom or spread skin side up on a flat surface. Ensure that the fabric did not get wet. Otherwise it may cause uneven drying and warped edges.
Dry your jacket after cleaning at room temperature, not near the battery or in the sun, otherwise the thing may be deformed.
In the case when the lining is stained, you have to either gently rebuff her, to wash and sew, or you can carry the thing to the dry cleaners. Dry-can be attributed in the case if you cannot clean your product. Order your jacket took to the cleaners and qualitatively to wash it, all the labels of the products were intact.