You will need
  • -mint tea;
  • water;
  • -spicy food;
  • -med;
  • -lemon juice.
The first thing you need to do to train the vocal cords, is to learn to breathe correctly. Try to constantly force yourself to breathe using the diaphragm. Now you do not have the right to inhale and exhale shallowly and often. After all, the correct, deep breathing will allow you to learn to pronounce long sentences. There are special exercises, doing that regularly, you can greatly increase the capacity of the vocal cords.
Try under any circumstances to respect their voice. In any case don't let your vocal chords too much load. While singing don't get a tune on the verge of their own capabilities, not growl, not squealing. After loading the throat excessively, it is very easy to disrupt the vote. Before you begin to sing or make a speech, be sure to perform a little workout. She will prepare for stress.
Ligament to protect it during loading and to develop in the process of training will help a massage. Click on the larynx with your thumb. Pressing should not be too strong. When massaging the throat while singing on the ligaments have significantly less load. This massage can be done after too long oratorical speeches.
Prepare bundles to tension will help ordinary mint tea. Prepare it and drink warm. Can also try to eat spicy product – such foods helps to relax ligaments. But any dairy products were consumed prior to the upcoming load is not recommended. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water: in a glass of warm water add little honey and few drops of lemon juice.
In the process of developing ligaments do not eat chocolate, drink alcohol and coffee. Of course, Smoking also should be abandoned once and for all.