Improvised pieces for garden not only adds flavor to the plot, but also emphasize the nature of its Creator. They can be made of any available materials: foam, old tires, plastic bottles, foam. Creativity can be used even old shoes, pots and basins.

Garden figures with their hands out automobile tires

Of tires can easily make a graceful Swan, funny amusing giraffe or a caterpillar. Will try to do the latter. It will need 4 tires, yellow, green and blue paint, two lids from paint cans and a metal plate.

Pricopie tires into the ground so that they were located close to each other, but on different levels. Then color all tyres in green. It will be the original body of the caterpillar. Now bend the metal plate in the form of antennae and secure it with tape upstairs front tire. Antennae should be painted in yellow. Now the final touch – up of two covers of paint make the eyes of the caterpillar. The pupils paint blue. The caterpillar is ready!

Garden figures with their hands out bottles

Shapes of plastic bottles can make even a child. Try to create a Swan to decorate the garden pond. This will require a five-liter plastic container, a metal rod, izolon, white paint.

Beginning to fabricate the frame of a Swan from the bottle. It is necessary to cut along to cut one side to make a large container. For balance you can put something heavy, for example, sand or soil. Now screwed the cap of the bottle to insert the rod, arching it like a Swan neck. Paint Swan white colour, and his neck obtyanite the izolon. That's all, proud and graceful bird is a fixture in your garden!

Garden figures with their hands out of the foam

The most easy to use material for making garden figures is the foam. Try to make him duck. To do this, take the foam thickness of 5 cm. Previously on the paper, draw a template for future shapes, cut it out and transfer to the foam. To figure the ducks turned out to be voluminous, it is necessary to cut several workpieces. They should then be glued together using liquid nails or special glue for foam. In any case, do not use "Moment"! This glue eats the foam. Two days later, cut the figures all too much, cover it with gypsum plaster. After it dries paint the duck with acrylic paint in its sole discretion.

Making pieces for the garden with your hands, you will add a section of personality. Create for the joy of themselves and others!