You can decorate your garden with natural stone - it always looks beautiful. Pick and pitch to your liking composition of stones of different sizes.
A good decoration will serve as new stylish flower garden. This can be some of the author's composition or unusual flowerbed, for example, a boat or car. Also use interesting materials for your oformlenie ridges.
You can set beautiful support for plants – this is a great item that will change the look of your garden. Very nice and comfortable vertical supports, because they will decorate your garden in winter and you can buy them already prepared, as something special to decorate and install on your site.
Set in its gardenfrom portable containers for plants. They are very easy to decorate with your own hands. Just paint or paste over the pebbles and shells. You can show imagination and to use as a container or an old iron barrel. This will give your site a distinctive style.
Many designers adorn the garden's birdhouses. Make them unusual shapes or multi-storey. Optional tinkering you can use other materials. Just make the houses bright. These design objects will be definitely appreciated by your guests.
Create a cozy corner in your gardenthat you can help garden furniture. Can put a bench, table and chairs. If you are a creative person, do a set of furniture with his hands. It will definitely give your gardenthe IR uniqueness.
Also decoration can serve as decorative lights. It can be lanterns on solar batteries. For their installation does not require a professional. Stick them in the ground along the paths, and comfort of your gardensecured.
The garden is a place where you can use your imagination. Mix vegetable and flower planting. Place the wooden plaque on which are carved the names of plants. This versatile accessory. Frame beds mini-fences. On sale now a huge number, and you will have to choose from. And to complement your garden may fancy Scarecrow.
How to decorate your <strong>garden</strong>