Poorly Packed suitcase can bring to many everyday problems. Wrinkled shirts, crumpled t-shirt, lost, but important detail. In a hotel of such a bag is turned inside out, making it more difficult finding the right things.
Contrary to common stereotypes, putting all things equal square stacks quite inefficient. This method promotes the formation of creases on the most prominent places. Of course, in most hotels you can ask for an iron, but spend precious moments of relaxation on Ironing things — a dubious pleasure.
If you have a large suitcase, a long tail of things is to lay full length. This applies to pants, jeans, shirts, dresses, t-shirts. This will allow you to keep things in order.
When heavy things need to be put on the bottom of the suitcase, all kinds of boxes, folders, shoes play from the bottom, so they don't get mixed up with things placed over them. Shoes, incidentally, have to be transported in bags made of thick fabric, so it does not stain your favorite shirt. Plastic bags — ideal, since this material is often broken.
Do not leave voids in the suitcase. Because of these things crumple, gather pleats deform. Pack your suitcase tight enough, but not "uminate feet."
If your suitcase is no different solid size, take into consideration the experience of flight attendants. They twisted long wear, not too dense rolls, arranging them in rows in the suitcase. With this method, clothes are not wrinkled. If you turn it over, it seems, that it got out of the closet. To guarantee you to let her otvisetsya ten to fifteen minutes.
Carriage of jackets constitutes a considerable challenge. It is not always possible to carry these things on hangers and in covers, and when Packed in suitcases, they are often irreparably damaged. To save the jacket, aligning his shoulders as carefully as possible and place it along the entire length of the suitcase. If it doesn't fit, fold the jacket at the belt line, the bruising in this area is usually not too noticeable.