You will need
  • -jacket;
  • -racking.
Some jackets can be stored on ordinary hangers. To do this, take a hanger and hang clothes neatly, paying particular attention to the seams on the shoulders of the product. It is important that the ends of the hangers did not form bulges in the fabric. Also make sure that the product is exactly hanging in the closet, otherwise it may appear creases, which are then difficult to smooth out.
To properly folded warm sweater with buttons, a button to start it. Put the product on a smooth flat surface face up. Fold it in half along the line of buttons below the front side was on the inside. Fold the sleeves in the shoulder area and put them on the surface of the shirt. Further product roll twice. In a similar way put warm and thick clothes without buttons.
If you work over a thin shirt, first lay it smoothly on a smooth horizontal surface. The front side should be at the bottom. Fold the jacket along the line buttons so that the sleeves were folded together. Make sure that they were carefully straightened. Wrap the sleeve on the shoulder line and attach them to the base of the shirt. Control, to obtain a smooth rectangle. Further, the lower part of the product wrap up approximately one third of the entire value. Turn the shirt again and can put it on the shelf of the closet or in the suitcase for the trip.
Cashmere products should be folded so that the center of the garment formed room. To do this, take a cashmere sweater, lay it on a flat surface face down. Fold both sleeves in the area of connection with the basis of clothing and carefully flatten them. Bottom wrap the product by one-third, make one more inversion. Probably folded by this method jacket will take a bit more space on the shelf, but after deployment it will be smooth.