You will need
  • Vacuum bags for storage, boxes
Quite often you can hear phrases about what the whole problem boils down to the lack of space in the closet. However, in the absence of a rational approach to fill up things, and you and the whole dressing room. And if there is a definite scheme of laying things to maintain order even in the most cramped conditions. It is first necessary to reconsider the closet, no regrets getting rid of those things that didn't dress for a year. They constitute the extra ballast, stealing free space in the closet. After will be only the clothing that is used regularly, it will hang much more freely and stop messing about. Sometimes throw in the trash things enough good quality does not raise a hand. In this case, you can refer them to special charities, where they will find a second life.
Things it is advisable to distribute on a seasonal basis, separating winter from summer. If possible, in the closet, which I use constantly, is to hang things, which are worn at the current time. The rest of the clothes can be stored in the attic or outweigh in the pantry. In this case, quite bulky outerwear will conceal easier.
Help to clean up the Cabinet boxes for things. In addition, they allow you to sort clothes on separate grounds, at the bottom of the wardrobe they look much neater than things stacked piles. It is particularly convenient to use them for small items of clothing that tend to go missing among the more massive clothing. Accompanied by a box of special stickers with the name of the content, you can know where exactly the lie light t-shirts, and a box stacked gloves.
Every thing in the closet needs to be exactly at its reserved for her place - regardless of whether it was worn once or hung in the wardrobe after washing. This approach will allow you to avoid clutter in the closet.
Distribute things according to their functionality. If clothing for sports hanging separately from the one in which I go to work, the process of selecting the appropriate garments is greatly simplified.
Winter clothes and clothes for special occasions. rarely, it is advisable to use special covers. They save clothing from possible contamination.