Advice 1: How to learn to pronounce the letter "R"

Burr often. There are many reasons why people can't pronounce the letter "R". There are several methods to get rid of Burr. If given the exercise from 15 minutes a day, you'll quickly get the result. Also important condition is the regularity.
How to learn to pronounce the letter "R"
Some people have a problem with the letter "R" occurs for purely physiological reasons - a short frenulum under the tongue. To resolve this situation in two ways. Mini-operation on cropping bridles, it is very fast, and performing certain exercises designed to stretch the frenulum. For example, try to reach the tip of the tongue to the nose and the like.
If by language you have everything in order to eliminate the Burr will help the following exercises. For starters, select a few tongue twisters, which often found the letter. For example. Scared of thunder Rum. He roared louder than the thunder. Such a roar of thunder was lurking over the hill. Or, cut the cheese drovorub oak log. Tongue twisters a lot. Each day recite the tongue twisters. Most importantly, do not stop half way. First, it will be difficult, but in the future you will see improvements. Will be useful words like "guard" and so on.
Within a few minutes, slowly and without stopping to pronounce the syllables De, Te, Le. Then increase the pace, and 5-6 minutes to quickly pronounce the same syllables. Please note that the pronunciation of the last syllables the tongue gets on the mounds above the upper teeth. It makes a sound like "R".
Now the last syllable Le replace Dae. Pronounce the syllables, try to pronounce the last syllable, not as a Te, and as Le. Slowly, say about 5 minutes. Then begin to accelerate until you get the sound Om. Next, start to pronounce the words: Troll, metro, firewood and so on, what you can remember.
To properly pronounce the letter R do you need the tip of the tongue to lift to the sky, but not to touch him.
•Widely open mouth, smile and run your tongue left to right on the inner side of the teeth.
•Then again open your mouth widely and Pat the language of the sky back and forth.
•Open your mouth, put the tongue to the lower lip and make the sound of F. Try to keep the air stream was narrow, not broad.
•Open the mouth and support the lower jaw with his hands. Wide tongue try to lick an upper lip from top to bottom. Don't forget that the jaw needs to be fixed.
These exercises will help to put the tongue in the correct position. Next, you need to consolidate skills.
Novice therapists are often faced with the problems of setting the sound [R]. Use a few tricks, and they are not effective. In this article you will find 14 tricks of setting the sound [R].
Useful advice
In one popular film, the girl who could not speak the letter "R" found the way out and the word "fish" has replaced the word "herring". But not all children are so clever and resourceful, and so continue burred or silent, to avoid being teased by the other children. The solution to the problem of how to get rid of Burr, it is first necessary to determine the cause of this defect.

Advice 2 : How to teach the letter "R"

Sooner or later, many parents wonder: "is it right my child?" Because some children are already a year and a half well say all the sounds, and the other in 4 years is hard to understand. There are certain age norms for speech development. But if five years all the sounds usually fall into place, the sound "R" often becomes an obstacle for the kid and his parents. Of course, if in 5-6 years the child can't pronounce "R" or said it incorrectly, is a serious reason to visit a speech therapist. But first, parents can try to teach the letter "R" on their own.
How to teach the letter "R"

Fun classes and games can be carried out since 3 years. It is desirable that at this point, the baby already uttered all other sounds. Don't make it right to say "RRR" is not helpful. It may even hurt if the child already speaks the "R" wrong. For starters, you need to prepare the articulation device to create the sound. The correct formulation of the language, you can produce using sounds "t-d". When pronouncing the "t-d" and "R" language is in the same position. As a trainer fit children's poems with the alternation of these letters. For example:

TA, TA, TA — hot stove,

Yes, Yes, Yes — on the street water...

Next, you need to teach a child the correct tongue vibration. Language should be bumps (alveoli) on the back of the front teeth, and the parent with your finger or a spoon to lightly pull at the bridle, thereby causing the vibrating tip of the tongue. There is another fun exercise that brings joy to children. Ask the child to say "brrr". Ensure that the lips were relaxed.

Do not rush things, most importantly, that skill was fixed, and only then proceed to the next exercise. Ask the kid to show, how to start a tractor "DRRR" or "trrr". You can then name some words beginning with these sounds: "fight, drama, tractor". Some children easier softer sound of "p", in this case, he's really good "shoot", although this is the exception rather than the rule.

What if you could your child to teach the letter "R", but he does not say it in words? First of all, you need patience, correcting it each time, you gradually accustomed to speak the letter "R". It is best to pretend that you are not misunderstood word, and the child, trying to explain to you, is to pronounce the "R".

Advice 3 : How to learn to pronounce R

The problem of the pronunciation of letter "R" is found not only in children but also in adults. If up to 5 years the child has not learned to pronounce, after 5 years need to focus on learning the letters. To solve the problem preferably in childhood. However, if not, learn to pronounce at any age. To remedy the defect of pronunciation in two ways: by contacting a specialist or independently, performing a set of exercises.
How to learn to pronounce R
There are special exercises for the production of sound.

"Brush our teeth"

Smile as widely as possible open my mouth and start to brush the upper teeth with the inner side of the tip of the tongue. The language must move from side to side.

Open your mouth wide and tip of the tongue touch the sky back and forth. The language must return to the beginning of the upper teeth.

Open your mouth and lock it with the hand lower jaw. Tongue, lick an upper lip from top to bottom. Watch that the lower jaw did not move. Exercise should only be done with language.

Open your mouth and hitting the language in the upper alveoli of the teeth, pronounce the letter "d".

These exercises should be repeated three times a day for 10-20 times.
There is a method, allowing to learn to pronounce "R" as soon as possible:

Slowly pronounce the sound "te", "te", "Le" without stops during two-three minutes.

Say the same thing for five minutes, but faster.

Pronounce the sound "te", "te", "te" in the following order: the first "de" speak normally, and the second "de" - so that the tip of the tongue touched the bump over the upper teeth. You should get a sound which is pronounced by the British.

Slowly without stopping repeat "te", "te", "te", "te", "te", "te", "te" for seven minutes. Then say "te", "te", "te" until then, until you feel the sound "er".
Say the following words 10 times:



When your language starts to take the correct position for the pronunciation of "p", it will be necessary to consolidate skills. You should start with the pronunciation of the letter sound in isolation, then in syllables, words, phrases, and sentences. For the production of an important sound vibration language. Vibration can be achieved in a mechanical way: on the tip of the tongue put the ball of paper tied to a long thread. Thread hold in your hand. Remove the language for upper teeth and a strong air jet blow his tongue.
The main causes of wrong pronunciation of "R" can be the following:
1.A shortened frenulum. It limits movement of the tip and front of the tongue up.
2.Weak muscles of the tongue.
3.Inability to speak the language.
4.The weakening of phonemic hearing.

Advice 4 : How to learn to speak the letter "R"

Currently in everyday life, we found quite a few people with speech impairments. Most of these people are unable to fix the Burr in childhood, as their parents believed that such verbal shortcomings eventually pass. Most people were not, and they still mispronounce some letters, for example, the letter "R".
How to learn to speak the letter "R"

Pretty sweet looks incorrect pronunciation of "p" in young children, however, this feature totally does not decorate an adult. There are two reasons to nevyhovovaly this sound: incorrect articulation and the structural features of the speech apparatus, for example, tongue-tie, too large or too small a uvula, etc.

If the cause of nevyhovovaly "R" - incorrect methods of pronunciation, to learn to correctly pronounce sounds quite possible, and independently. Adult it will take several weeks, during which necessary several times a day (three to five) a few minutes to do the following exercises.

For pocatecni ligament

- to try the tip of the tongue is a bridge to the nose;

- strongly enough to the sky to press the tip of the tongue (closer to the teeth), then try to hold it across the sky as far as possible to the throat;

- open your mouth, stick out your tongue, then try the tip of the tongue as much as possible to bend up.

For the tip of the tongue

- lightly bite the tip of my tongue (so I felt a slight pain);

- stick out my tongue and pressed to his upper lip, blow air out to create the vibration of language;

to widely open your mouth and pronounce the sounds "d" and "t".

After mastering these exercises (but not until after a week of daily classes), you can begin to correct pronunciation of the sound.

First, practice pronunciation sound "R" is made by making use of the sounds "t" and "d", trying to make their pronunciation of the language to vibrate. So, you need to press to the sky the tip of the tongue in this position try to breathe air.

After the vibration of the tongue will start getting pretty easy, need to try to pronounce such combinations: "DRRR", "trrr"...

To further complicate the task and connect the other sounds: "Truro", "trru", "Torre"...

After mastering the above, you can begin to pronounce easy words with the sound "R" in the first syllable, e.g. "work", "tract", etc.

The final stage of training - a special giveaway of tongue twisters.

It is worth remembering that the first time the sound of "p" will turn out bad, but after a short time, especially if you do not miss classes, this will sound normal sound.

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