Sometimes a defect in a child sounds fun. However, as proved by professional therapists, this problem may remain for life. Therefore, most importantly, time to start classes. If your child has already turned four years, we can do special exercises that can help you correctly pronounce the sound.
Seat the child on a chair so the arms and body of the child was in a calm, relaxed state. Themselves sit. Exercises should be done so that the child saw his face in the mirror. This will help him in the future.
Start with exercises "Sail". Let the child will open his mouth. The wide part of the tongue should be placed in the front teeth. The sides of the tongue pressed to the top molars. Back bend forward. You need to keep your mouth in this position for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times.
Next quest: light the biting tip of the tongue. Let the child will put the lips in the position of a smile. Then carefully, in the amount of 7 – 9 times, bite your tongue.
How to put sound
Then ask the child to make the exercise "horse". Have the child place the tip of your tongue to the sky and begins to click her tongue. The exercise is performed first slowly, then faster. You need to carry for two to three minutes.
And at the end of the session lesson the child should do the activity "woodpecker". Let the kid produces a light tapping with the tip of the tongue on the ridge behind the upper front teeth. At the same time he must try to pronounce the letter "d". Your mouth should be open. Exercises are performed for twenty seconds. Then ask the child to pronounce the sound "R".
How to put sound
Classes are taken in the form of games. For example, the exercise can be alternated with a comic game "start the car". Baby tries to say "brrrr" or "brrrm". Eventually, after 2 – 3 months, your baby will be able to clearly pronounce the letter "R". However, despite all diligence, the result can be a long wait. In this case it is better to entrust the work to a professional speech therapist.