To start you should know that this problem may occur for physiological reasons. The blame for this overly short frenulum under the tongue. If the doctor confirmed your suspicions, you have two options: either to cut the bridle, or to stretch it. If you decided to get rid of the defect surgically, know that this operation is easy, you only need a few days to heal the wound. If you decide to stretch the frenulum, try the following exercise: each day, try to reach the tip of the tongue to the nose or chin.
Select a few tongue twisters that contain the letter "R" (the famous "yard - grass, grass - wood") and pronounces them every day.
Suitable this exercise: in just a few minutes repeat the sounds "te", "te", "Le", gradually speeding up the pace. Soon you will notice that the pronunciation of "Le" tip of the tongue hits the hills located behind the upper teeth and make the sound "R". Now pronounce the syllables, saying "te" in the English style. Then again, begin to pronounce the sounds slowly. Do the exercise until, until you begin to hear a distinct "R".
As an exercise suitable enunciation of words, which contain letter "R": tractor, fish, grass, river, stream, metro, chrome. If you find it difficult to assess the correctness of pronunciation, practice reading the words on the recorder, and then listen to them. So you will understand whether it has improved your speech.
If you have problems with the pronunciation of "p", standing in the soft position, you will help the study of the English language. When you master this sound, you will easily be able to enter it in the Russian language.
If simple exercises do not work, do not hesitate to contact the speech therapist. The correct formulation of the letter "R" for each individual case, and only a specialist can tell you what exercises you should perform for you.