Teachers in kindergarten and the early grades is not fun for kids made every day to repeat tongue twisters. These short phrase created specifically for testing sounds. In order to learn how to correctly pronounce "R" use the following tongue twisters: "the yard – grass, on the grass – wood. Do not cut firewood on the grass court!", "On mount Ararat tore Varvara grapes", "Scared of thunder Rum. He roared louder than the thunder. Such a roar of thunder was lurking over the hill". If you will daily speak these phrases, you will notice how your pronunciation improves.
Often pronounce words containing the letter "R": river, sea, door, metro, Creek. If at the hearing you find it hard to determine the correct positioning of language, record your own voice on the recorder, and then listen to it. This should be done until, until you notice that your "p" was clear.
In order to learn how to correctly pronounce the sound "R", the following exercise will help. For some time pronounce the sound "te", "te", "Le". Soon you will find that the pronunciation of the sound "Le" language falls on the small hills between the teeth, with the result that you get "R". Vary the speed of pronunciation and soft sounds until you start to hear a distinct "R".
The problem of pronunciation sound "R" can occur for physiological reasons. Ankyloglossia is a congenital defect that is observed in many people. It is characterized by a too short frenulum of the tongue, which man may not utter some sounds. If this is the cause of your lisping, you have two choices. You can consult a doctor who will cut you the ropes. The operation is fast and healing the wound required only a few days. Or you can stretch the frenulum yourself. If you decide to choose the second method, every day do the following exercise: try to reach the tongue to the chin or nose tip.