Of course, a slight Burr only adds speech and may even become a kind of twist, which the owner will be proud of, but often the wrong pronunciation of the letter R interferes with daily life, and can even be a serious hindrance in the promotion of the career ladder. Therefore, the sooner parents will be treated to a speech therapist, dealing further with the child, the faster and easier it will submit to the ill-fated sound. If until 5-6 years can we still hope that the problem will resolve itself, more older children without support is not enough.
Children usually cunning, nepoluchitsya sound in their speech disguised as similar sounds, such as V or L. the Most common cause of nevyhovovaly becomes incorrect statement of the language. The child simply doesn't know what movements he needs to produce the language and a few simple exercises may be able to solve the problem. Saying the sound correctly at least once, he will not be able to forget him, his speech will be pure and correct. But before you start training, remember, any exercise is necessary to present the child playfully. Only the game will interest the young the restless, will cause in him a desire to do and to go hard to the goal.
Seat the child in front of himself, ask him to play "clean teeth". Stretching his mouth into a smile, start to clean the inner and outer surface of the teeth using the tongue, the lower jaw should not move. This exercise will allow the child to consciously control the movements of the tongue, feel it in your mouth. Pocakajte language as a hobbyhorse. Invite your child to tease, sticking his tongue out between his teeth, blowing the air. All of these exercises not only will improve articulation, but also bring great pleasure to both you and your mentee.

The next step will be to go directly to the sound of R. Ask the child to say a sound D, let him try to do it with great frequency, simulating the engine starts. At some point, clean wooden spatula try to move the tip of my tongue inside. Immediately in the speech of the desired slip P, the "engine" wound up, rejoice that the child together.
After a couple of hours or days your child R will be obtained easily. There will come the time to consolidate a new skill. If so, how suitable tongue twisters. Your child will love to loudly recite the tongue Twister about the famous Greek, and existed the problem that you will forget very soon. But remember, not all always work the first time, if a child refuses to do, he's lethargic and cranky, in no case do not scold him. Severity and censure you will achieve a completely opposite effect, the child may withdraw into themselves and actually stop to talk. Love, affection and good mood on the contrary will very quickly get results and your child will learn to pronounce the sound R with ease