You enter the username and password in the authorization email, but it turns out that data is incorrect. The e-mail system offers you to use services password recovery. For this you need to answer specific questions that you entered during registration in the system.
Passphrase – a question chosen from a list proposed by the administration. It is assumed that this issue is of direct relevance to you, and the answer you will not forget. For example, the maiden surname of your mother them the nickname of a pet. Sometimes users blindly answer this question, inventing a response from your head, not similar to the reality. Of course, when registering in the e-mail system, few people think about the possibility of hacking a box or the password is lost. But what to do if you forgot your password and don't know the answer to the secret phrase?
Fortunately, the administration of the e-mail provides a multi-level system of protection against hacking of e-mail addresses, as well as the ability to access information for the forgetful mailbox owners. Security mailbox has the ability to "bind" an e-mail to the mobile phone number. Enter the number that you specified during the registration in the special field of window password recovery. If the numbers match on your phone then the system will come SMS-the message with the new password. Enter the specified characters in the field authorization, and the mailbox will once again be available to you.
Even if you have no way to recover the password using the mobile phone, you will have to go through a complex system to confirm their identity. Administration e-mail may request from you all information which you entered during registration – name, date of birth, city of residence, etc. also, you will need to specify the date of the last visit to the mailbox with your password (at least the approximate date) and may be called his main interlocutors. Verification of such information may take a few days, but if you are a true confirmed all personal information, you will gain access to the box.