You will need
  • gardening tools (shovel, hoe, rake);
  • - agricultural lime;
  • the seeds of cruciferous plants;
  • - chemical products;
  • - respirator, gloves.
If you decided to fight with the horsetailOhm mechanical means, i.e. digging, weeding and loosening the soil, you'll have to do it carefully. You should carefully choose the roots, and in any case not to leave them within your land, and make its borders or put in the compost pile. (Thrown to the ground, the weeds can take root and form new stems). But even after the most careful tillage and "combing" of rhizomes you definitely will not reach the deep-lying roots, they, alas, remain in the ground and sprout with renewed vigor. That is why the traditional method of weed control – weeding, that is, superficial processing of the soil, is ineffective. However, early spring is still cut hoe shoots of horsetailand representing the brown spore-bearing appendages, without waiting for the weeding of cultivated plants, planted or sown in this place.
Because horsetail grows in acidic soils should reduce their acidity. This can be achieved by soil application of lime materials. These include calcite, dolomite, limestone, waste products of sugar production, slaked lime, etc. However, in this method there is a risk of significant reduction of nutrients in the soil, since the application of lime, fertilizer nutrients are not reproduced. If you decide to use this method, carefully read the instructions for use of lime concrete material and strictly follow the proportions listed therein.
Horsetail is not "friendly" with plants of the "cruciferous", such as winter rape, oil radish, white mustard, rocket and others. Their root allocation inhibit weeds and condemn them to total loss. Sow crucifers at the end of the harvest season and beyond, preparing the soil for next year. If you can't find seeds of these crops, sow winter rye – it also has a shiny "sanitary" properties.
Chemical method. Make the soil an aqueous solution of the herbicide Titus (read the instructions carefully). As "adhesive", add the soap solution or the drug Partrade 90. These herbicides do not harm the potatoes and other crops, while the horsetail and other weeds (sow Thistle, Stellaria, galinsoga, Wheatgrass) destroy the good. On the timing of the application, read the instructions.
Will help to get rid of the horsetailand field, and an aqueous solution of roundup. This powerful drug is able to destroy all weeds on the surface of the soil and in the soil, because it has the property to penetrate into the root system. This is especially important for the extermination of weed forming and rhizomatous weed species, one of which is horsetail field.