A huge problem for gardeners is weeds. How to get rid of them? Many people are aware of this method of combating weeds, as weeding. Unfortunately, weeds will again appear. They have by nature a strong immune system and powerful energy of growth. Many of them have useful properties, which not everyone knows.

So, how to deal with the weeds? In addition to the chemical methods can be used as natural. It relates to the weeding. It's hard work, which is time-consuming, and the effectiveness of its short-term.

There is still another option, after which the weeds grow several times smaller. Even if it's abandoned land and there are a lot of weeds, e.g. couch grass, grass, sow Thistle and ragweed. To remove them, you need to spend 5-7 years. Simply go to rip some weeds and paraglide to the ground. Weeding to be performed very often, and then have to throw out the weeds. Many farmers believe that weeds do not need to remove, as they decompose and enrich the soil. Unfortunately, a week later they'll grow again. The roots of the weeds must be completely removed.

From couch-grass, and blue couch grass out, but from birch trees without using chemicals, hard. After planting the potatoes well to weed in a week when the weeds are not yet visible from the earth. In this case, weeds will be 2 times less.

Natural way of controlling weeds is the loss of solar energy. Without light they cannot survive. To do this, cover the area with black tape or cardboard. Because of the lack of light, the weeds disappear completely. This option is suitable in the case if in the garden no need to plant a certain period.

Also good black agrotextile, which is permeable to air and water. To start in the fall to weed the area where you want to get rid of weeds. Then cover with black agrotextile. The covering should be secured with bricks.

Digging garden fork

If you dig with a shovel, the roots of the weeds will be chopped into parts and choose them to be quite difficult. Even if you stay inch birch root, Wheatgrass or blue couch grass, he will be able to germinate. With a pitchfork, the earth will be loose, and the weed with roots will be easier to choose.

It is important to remember that only the fully selected allow the roots to get rid of weeds.