Before removing wasp nests, reduce the number of these insects. It is much easier task. But it is not necessary to lay out poisoned bait. On her scent, most likely, will fly wasps from neighboring areas.

Make traps. To do this, cut a plastic bottle in the hanger and insert the neck into. Pour a little liquid jam. Once in the bottle, the insects will not find a way out.
Use chemicals such as "Moskitol - Protection from OS", "get" and others. Treat spray the nest or the entrance to it very well, if I can piss poison inside. Pre-wear gloves and a mosquito net.
After the OS is noticeably diminished, it is possible to proceed to remove their nests. Do it in the evening when all the insects are inside. Take a container of water, poured in the region. Bring to the hornet's nest so that it completely flooded. Soak a few minutes. During this time wasps will die.
Or take a thick plastic bag, quickly lift it up to the base of the socket and tightly his grasp. Then you can tear off the nest. Tie. As wasps build from the bottom entrance, they just do not have time to get out of the nest before will be in a tied bag. Try to burn captured insects, or they can gnaw through the package.
Treat the spot where the nest was attached. Remove with a knife the remains, wipe with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, spray with insecticide.