If you found on a country site the individual plant, to destroy it will be easy. The main thing – to start a fight before the weed seeds will drop. Otherwise next year you will have to destroy the shoots of the Hogweed, the whole season. Germinate the seeds of this plant evenly. They can lie in the ground for several years and then ascend.

Getting to the destruction of plants, remember to protect exposed areas of the body. Wear gloves and thick clothes, cover your face with mask. Then you need to take a shovel with a long handle and pull up cow parsnip near the root, a few inches above the ground. Keep the juice of the weed did not get to the skin.

The resulting tree stump, pour in vinegar or herbicide. Get him a bag and tie a rope or rubber band. All the felled part of the Hogweed to dry and burn. In any case, do not bury them, as at that place may be a new plant.

Seeding the lawn is an effective method of combating Hogweed on the site. You have to mow all the weeds. On top of any sloping spread geopolotno. Sprinkle on a layer of earth of a thickness of 5 cm Drop there are strong turf. Land is better to take from another garden plot where definitely not Hogweed. Otherwise, it may be seeds of the weed.

This method is able to completely rid the area from Hogweed. You will just have to make sure that it is not blooming at the neighbors and did not lose to you seeds.

If you plan to split the plot vegetable garden, there it is undesirable to apply herbicides. And the lawn you can hardly identify the place. For these suburban areas is another method.

In the spring, cover the area overgrown with Hogweed, black film thickness of 100 microns or more. On top of it you need to press. Weeds will try to grow through the film.

Through the black film is almost light necessary for the growth and development of plants. In addition, the land under it is too warm. To germinate in such conditions, the Hogweed have to spend a large amount of energy. In the end, all the resources are spent, and the plant just dies.

In early June of the following year, the film must be removed. Dig up the earth and plant something planned.