What you need for applying mehendi

Mehndi is the ancient art of drawing on the body of beautiful patterns and drawings with henna. Such patterns hold in the body up to three weeks. On top of that they can be applied independently at home. There are ready-made pastes and stencils for patterning.

Paste for printing, you can make your own. For this you need powdered henna, lemon juice, eucalyptus oil and a cone or syringe for applying the resulting mixture. But it is better to use ready-made henna cone or tube.

You will also need oil for mehendi, cotton pads for applying and q-tips for fast removal of excess paint. If you can draw, the patterns can be applied independently by redrawing with pre-prepared images. Even if you have no drawing skills — don't worry, you can use special stencils for henna.

How to draw mehendi

Before drawing the surface should be well prepared to do hair removal. To remove the hairs should be a few days before applying the henna, because it contained chemicals can cause irritation. To apply henna you need for perfectly cleansed and rubbed with oil to henna skin.

To prepare paint, mix powdered henna from package with water and lemon juice to a thick slurry. To make the paint more resistant and darker, henna add coffee or black tea. For convenient application of the mixture, place in a foil cone or a syringe without a needle. You can use the predefined colors in the horn or the tuba.

In advance to choose the design that you will apply to the skin. If you are sure that you will be able to draw freehand, it is best to use a stencil or apply a ready circuit.

Gently pressing on the cone, apply the mixture of the average thickness, because after drying the thickness of the pattern on the skin wakes a little thinner. In the process of applying the cone need to keep upright, not much press, not to cause excess paint. If the drawing was unevenly it can be improved, by removing unnecessary lines with a cotton swab soaked in oil for mehendi.

The figure should be applied carefully, starting with the farthest from your phase and gradually causing the pattern down so as not to smear the henna during the work.

Leave the paint to dry completely. Ready mix in tubes or horns are usually dry in an hour. But to achieve the darker and more lasting color henna can not wash away as long as possible.

After drying remove remnants of the mixture with a cloth and to secure the result, wipe the pattern with a mixture of lemon juice with sugar or a special oil for mehndi. Immediately after removing the henna pattern will be a bright orange color, the true color of the tattoo will manifest itself approximately a day.

Within 10 hours after applying the paint mehendi is not recommended to wet. To tattoo please you longer, try less you expose it to water, do not RUB and do not wash cleaning products.

Mehendi is very beautiful and safe form of tattoos. Today to learn how to draw mehendi can everyone. It does not need to have special skills, it is enough your desire and store-bought stencils and henna drawings.