Contact the volunteers or workers of the charity Fund. Toys are always needed in children's homes or poor families, who are treated in specialized funds. Toys if you have little, you will have to come to the Fund or to meet with the volunteers. If you want to give a big batch of toys from the store (stores often give toys with small marriage ceremony or discount), you will likely come to themselves, all will ship and will take. In this case, you make the act of transfer and acceptance of toys in the Fund. The Foundation in turn makes the act with the orphan institution, and sends you a copy.
If your child goes to kindergarten, ask the teacher if they accept toys. Usually plastic and rubber toys, pre-washed, willing to take group. And new is always welcomed. Also in the garden, do not refuse from paper "usefulness" - paper for drawing, paints, clay, pencils.
If you are a parent of a student attending after-school programs, ask the teacher if "prodlenki" toys. Teachers often send the call out to parents to bring in a group of Board games: chess, battleship, UNO, "Aktiviti" Otherwise the children can sit for hours buried in their phones, not receiving active communication, and Board games are good at this mate.
If toys have to get rid of just because a child is not interested, try to sell it or exchange for another. This is possible on a special parent resources, where there are separate forums dedicated to the sale and exchange. The most active participants to exchange toys are collectors of figures from Kinder surprise. They have a whole community in which the owners of rarities, buy or exchange the desired instance.