Where to donate hair

To earn on their hair at least some money, it is necessary that their length was not less than twenty-five centimeters. The hair must be unpainted and without signs of gray hair. You can find a buyer for such hair, but it's difficult, and they will cost much less.

The cost of hair can be affected by their other characteristics — they are light or dark, curly or straight, Asian or European. In each case, the price of them define the fashion trends and desires of a specific buyer.
If your hair is colored or have signs of graying, their minimum length for sale should be about forty inches, very coarse hair buy if their length is not less than a foot.

Sell hair the easiest way at ordinary hairdresser. Sometimes during the haircut the Barber himself offers the client to sell the hair, if suddenly it was suggested to shorten them dramatically. On many Internet resources you can find announcements of purchase of hair.

How is the cost

The cost of hair strongly depends on their length and quality. Tariff per hundred grams is built depending on their length. So, for example, hair length is from twenty to thirty-five inches (it's short) barbers offer six hundred to one thousand rubles. Per hundred grams of strands with a length of from forty to fifty-five inches in average offer from a thousand to two thousand roubles. Long hair from sixty to seventy-five centimeters are from two to three thousand rubles per one hundred grams. The owners of the hair from eighty centimeters to meters per hundred grams are willing to pay three to six thousand rubles. Extremely long strands from one meter cost up to ten thousand rubles. We must understand that the weight of an ordinary braid to a length of the belt averages about four hundred grams.
Blonde long hair good quality valued most highly.

It is not necessary to accept the very first offer to purchase the hair. Compare multiple offers. In different places the offered prices can vary by a few thousand, since uniform pricing hair does not exist. Read the ads, like the hairdresser, choose the best offer.

It is not necessary to consider the sale of hair as a main income. To grow the curls to the minimum length will work for a couple of years with the average hair growth is 12 to 17 inches per year. The minimum hair length expensive not sell, and earn a couple of thousand every two years it seems not a good idea.