Use the website of the newspaper "All for You". Select your region and submit the announcement of sale, placing it in the category of "sporting goods". Provide your contact information. You can also use paid services that increase the likelihood of a quick sale. For a price, you can select text ads bold or frame and also to post a picture of your bike. For the monthly fee you can extend the number of publications of the advertisement to the desired number of months. Similar opportunities are provided by the website of the newspaper "hand in hand".
Try to sell the bike by putting it up for auction on any Internet auction site. You can choose the term during which trading will occur (from several days to several months) and to specify multiple types of prices: the initial, minimum, and the blitz price, suggesting that the buyer will automatically become the winner of the auction before the bidding deadline. The chance to quickly sell the bike in this way is large enough, even if we consider the fact that communicating with a potential buyer can take a long time due to prohibitions similar sites for transmission of personal data.
Find the group on the website "Vkontakte", where participants put their waste new and second hand items in a specially created photo albums. Will upload a quality photo of your bike and describe its characteristics. If you regularly place text information in the status line, it will appear in the tab "Recommendations" from your friends. Ask them to mark the news, "like" and put a tick in the box "Tell a friend". Thus your message will see in their news more users.
Go to your favorite forum and place an ad in the theme of "Flea market". Similar sections exist in many online communities. If you talk on the forum on sports, to sell the bike it will be even easier. Certainly there are many who want to purchase it. If you are a member of a Cycling or extreme sports club you can advertise it on the Board information,and to ask their friends – suddenly among them are potential buyers.