You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • image.
Upload the image in Photoshop, intended to become a template. To increase the number of transformations that can be applied to open the image, unlock the option Layer from Background group New Layer menu or setup dialog box of this option, double-clicking on the layer with the picture.
If you want to make a template to insert entity with its own picture, create a transparent area in place of the person on the original picture. To do this you need a layer mask added to the document with the option Reveal All Layer Mask to the group Layer menu.
Pressing the key D to return the foreground and background colors to the default settings. Turning on the Brush tool and zoom viewing of the edited images, paint over the mask on the face in the foreground color, which, when exposed settings will be black.
To get a smooth transition from the template to the photo that is in it is inserted, on the borders of the transparent areas you will need to create a feather. This can be done by treating the edges of the visible region of the brush with the reduced value of the parameter Hardness.
If you need a template with a rectangular or oval transparent area to insert a picture, highlight the area on the picture. To create a rectangular selection, then apply the Rectangular Marquee tool, elliptical - Elliptical Marquee. With the help of Polygonal Lasso you can circle a polygon, and Lasso will let you select an area of any shape.
Interestingly enough look templates in which to insert the picture partially overlaps the object casting a shadow on the photo. To obtain this effect, select the object that will lie on top of the image, and copy it to a new layer with Ctrl+J.
Using the Brightness/Contrast of the group of Image Adjustments menu, transform the copy of the object in dark silhouette. Reduce this value of Brightness, and the value of the Contrast increase. Slightly blur the shadow option Gaussian Blur band Blur Filter menu, drag the layer is processed for the blank template and slide relative to the object that should cast a shadow. To move pictures fit the Move tool. So that the shadow is realistic, make smaller the value of the parameter Opacity for the blurred layer.
Assemble the template in a single layer option Merge Visible menu Layer and save the image with Save As option on the File menu in the png format.