You will need
  • mirror;
  • - contour;
  • - stained glass paint or paint on glass;
  • - brush;
  • marker for glass;
  • - masking tape.
Wash the mirror surface and clean it of stains. Determine what pattern you'll apply the mirror and where you put it. The location of the pattern depends on the shape of the mirror and your personal taste. If you want to continue to use it for its intended purpose – do not close the pattern the entire surface. In this case, it is better to make the ornament along the rim. If the mirror is rectangular, you can decorate just the corners.
Apply the outline of the pattern on the mirror. This can be done using a marker for glass. If you want to translate the pattern, you can use special transfer paper from the art supply store. It is important that all the elements of your drawing were closed in their path you will fill in with stained glass paint. Those mirror sites, where the work will be based on your hand, it is better to close the paper, then not to wash the fingerprints appeared.
To start to put a pattern on the mirror's outline. Draw loop is simple – you need to squeeze him right out of the tube. For convenience, the contours have different colors and different thickness noses. Again make sure that is closed all the lines of the drawing.
After drying, the outline begin to fill in the picture of stained glass paints. You can buy them in a specialty store. Some varieties of stained glass paints need to be applied with a brush, others evolve from a bottle. The lack of the latter – the formation of bubbles that are hard to get rid of. Apply the color in one of the enclosed elements. The next best is to fill the loop through the same space. After the elements are painted first, dries, fill the remaining. Make sure that adjacent elements of the pattern was not the same color.
Drying the resulting product must in a clean room, otherwise the paint will settle a lot of dust that will damage the appearance of the mirror. After drying, you need to evaluate your products and to correct minor errors. If there is a mirror frame, you can upgrade in a harmonious pattern of colours.