You will need
  • - Scotch;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - nail Polish of different colors;
  • - nail file;
  • - a makeup sponge or brush.
To decorate the nails with patterns, you need to make the stencils. To do this, stick the tape on the glass and using a knife, cut it the desired pattern.
Before proceeding to the actual creative process, you must prepare your nails. You should remove the old lacquer, pre-rasmagin the skin in the bath with warm water. Next, use the nail file it is necessary to give the nails the desired shape. The nail oval or almond shape is considered a classic of the genre, is still relevant and rectangular shape of the nails.
Several of the recommendations on nail Polish. If you want to have a manicure stayed on the nails for as long as possible, before applying nail color, apply a colorless base. After coating don't forget the last step – applying the fixing composition.
For the application of the stencil you'll need paints of different, preferably contrasting colors. For applying the base color using a strong varnish. For pictures it is better to use the more bright, shiny quick-drying. To fix the drawings, use a fixative.
The pattern that you will cut on the stencil, you should choose on your own taste, but remember that too flashy, Intrusive pattern may not be suitable to all the clothes, and can quickly get bored.
Apply first base and then the base coat of the desired color. Attach the stencil to the nail and squeeze as tight as possible so there's not an air "bubble".
Then using a sponge for makeup or special foam brush, apply a decorative coating, it does not do "smeared" movements. Be sure to wait until the varnish is completely dry, and only then carefully remove the stencil. Don't forget to apply fixative is a colorless base.