First recall that the simple or ordinary fraction can be written as X / Y where X is the numerator and Y the denominator. For example, 1/4, or 0.25 in digital recording. For convenience of further calculations, it is recommended to write the fraction vertically: a numerator, a horizontal bar dividing under him, and the denominator in the runway.To divide a number by a fraction, you need to present the number as a fraction. Since the number is the number of integer parts, then it goes in the denominator and in the numerator of the prescribed what is the number of divided parts to obtain the very same himself – that is, one. 8 should be written as 8/1, and 263 – how 263/1, and so on.
After that you need to divide number to fraction. Suppose you have the number 127 and the fraction 4/15. Then the operation 127 : 4/15 should be written as follows:127/1 : 4/15;
It turns out the three-story fraction at which the average division (division of fractions) should be replaced by multiplication, and the numerator and denominator flip:127/1 * 15/4;
Writing this action in the usual fraction with a horizontal division, you will receive:(127*15)/4;the Result of 467 1/4.
Counting on the calculator every roll, you will receive the following:127 : 1 = 127
4 : 15 = 0,2666...
127 : 0,2666... = 476, 476 2500001 or 1/4.The results coincide.