Views of residence in the Russian Federation issued to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, who have lived on the territory of our country is not less than a year and reached adulthood. And at the time of filing the application, the validity of the passport and a temporary residence permit must be valid at least six months. If the person is under 18, he can apply for residency on the basis of statements of his parents or legal representatives.
First of all, you need to apply to the territorial body of the FMS (Federal migration service). There you will be given an application form that must be filled manually. Try to write legibly, do not use abbreviations and to answer the questions in the questionnaire as deployed.
In the Department of the Federal migration service take the list of documents needed to obtain the kinds at residence. These include a passport or another document certifying identity and citizenship), four frosted size photographs 350Х450 mm, the document of temporary registration.
In addition, you will need a reference who will confirm that for the year you have a source of income (salary should reach the subsistence level) and that you are legally anywhere live.
To confirm the state of health take the help that you have HIV, you do not suffer from addiction and are not a carrier of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases.
If you are married, submit marriage certificate. Also will need to provide birth certificate and passport and children, if their age is from 14 to 18 years of age, notarized consent to reside in Russia.
Before going to FMS will pay in the Bank the state fee, the receipt will include in the package of collected documents. If some of them written in a foreign language, make a notarized version in Russian.
View of a residence in Russia is issued for five years. After this deadline, the document, if necessary, extended.