You will need
  • copy of residence permit in Russia
Enclose a contract of employment when making a job with the employee. As a rule, a contract of term and then it can be renewed as needed. Such a measure reasonable, so protects the employer from unscrupulous employees who might disappear at any moment. The residence permit does not constitute grounds for refusal of registration to work. This is an official document confirming your location at the actual address at which you have no passport. If the employee filed a workbook sample of the USSR, in which all records in the Russian language, it is allowed to continue its lead, otherwise it is not provided. The worker of personnel service according to the requirements of article 66 of the labour code must apply for a new working document (book).
Demand a passport because without a passport official clearance is not provided. Let the applicant to apply to the passport office for the issuance of certificates of the established sample, the content of which confirms that indeed at a particular address a person with his details. This document may be obtained within seven calendar days on the basis of a written application to the head of the relevant passport office.
If you require work registration certificate issued by the tax authority on assignment of taxpayer identification numbers. If this document is not available, the bidder may obtain within 7 days when contacting the tax office at the place of stay.
Specify at the time of registration to work in a personal card in the "primary identity document - residence permit and irrespective of his will as the basis. In case of refusal to conclude an employment contract with a potential employee can not file a complaint against an employer even when all the conditions, since the latter retains the right of appointment, and is equivalent to and dismissal from the post.