You will need
  • - a passport with a notary translation into Russian language;
  • photos 3,5X4,5;
  • - proof of sufficient financial means (letter or from the Bank);
  • - medical certificate;
  • - application form.
For registration of a residence permit, you will need a passport of a foreigner and a temporary residence permit. The latter is usually a stamp in the passport. The passport must be translated into Russian language, and the translation notarized. This service will provide any translation.You will also need to make passport photos (3,5x4,5). Requirements and the quantity need to check with the migration office, which had received a temporary residence permit. There will have to apply for a residence permit.
The package of documents also includes confirmation that the applicant has the means to live in Russia during the year. This may be a certificate on form 2-NDFL from the place of employment of the applicant or his close relatives (spouse, mother or father, sibling or sister). The alternative - a certificate from the Bank on the account of the applicant of the required amount.The official salary of the applicant must be more than the monthly subsistence minimum established at the time of submission of the application in the region where issued a residence permit. If a certificate is filed by a relative, the income must cover two of the subsistence minimum. While using the help of Bank account balance should cover the monthly minimum wage, multiplied by 12. The exact amount of the minimum salary and the balance in the account can be found on the office of the FMS.
You will also have to pass a medical examination. For example, in Moscow for this purpose it is necessary to take help from vendispansera, which need to be screened for AIDS, drug treatment and tuberculosis clinics, and they bring in the County health Department where you make the conclusion about the state of health of the alien, which is served in the package of documents. Separately attached and help from all the dispensaries.Coordinates all necessary agencies can be found in FMS, and their hours of operation and admission on this issue - in the institutions. Their services, except management of health care, pay, money is to be paid through Sberbank. Details for payment can be found in the registry need companies.
The applicant must also confirm that it is where to live in the area in which he draws a residence permit. This can be done by a certificate of title property if it belongs to a foreigner. Otherwise, it is necessary to present the contract for gratuitous use of premises, which is owner of and certified by the housing office or at the notary.
The application form in the prescribed form should be taken in the FMS. Can provide also special companies that provide services for completing the documents for FMS (application forms for passport, applications for temporary residence permit and residence permit).A completed and signed statement attached to the set of documents and fed to the FMS. If the employees of the service there were no comments, must wait for decision and get a residence permit when ready.