The package required for obtaining a residence permit documents is quite extensive. For starters, this is a temporary residence permit, which confirms the legality of your stay in the country. However, it is not necessarily for everyone. Should not issue this document, and therefore give it to the Federal migration service for the Citizens of Belarus and Tajikistan, former Soviet citizens, as well as some specialists with high qualifications. They can confirm with a stamp of the border control in their passports the legality of crossing the border.

You will also need to present a passport of their state with the Russian visa if her design was necessary. You will need four passport-size photographs.

Another important document is a paper confirming the financial position of requesting a permanent residence permit. This can be proof of income, copy of work record card, the document from the Bank to open Deposit and proof of salary of the person that contains the visitor in the absence of his own income.

In addition, you will need proof of your residence. This can be, for example, a rental contract or certificate of ownership. The contract in this case must be certified by a notary.

And finally receiving permanent residence in the territory of Russia will need to undergo a medical examination on identification of HIV infection and other dangerous infectious diseases and to provide proof of this to the Federal migration service (FMS) when applying for a residence permit.

On the basis of all these documents you will need to complete a social application for granting permanent residence. The application form can be obtained from the local office of the FMS Il download from the official Internet website of the state structure.