The definition of residence contained in the special Federal law that establishes bases of legal status of foreigners in Russia. In accordance with this regulation the permit shall be a document confirming the right of a foreigner, person without citizenship for permanent residence in Russia. If the specified document designated persons may at its sole discretion to move across the country, to travel abroad and return back, at the same time a residence permit performs the functions of a document proving their identity. Therefore, to acquire the residence permit is possible only in the form of a paper document in electronic form, it is not available.

What information enables a residence permit?

The permit includes information that identifies the person who issued the document. In particular, it contains the name, surname, gender, nationality, date of birth, place of birth, the validity of the document, details of the decisions under which it was issued. Name and surname of the person who received a residence permit are specified in two variants: in Russian and Latin. In addition, the document includes the name of the entity that issued the residence permit. An additional requirement in the design of the residence permit is to obtain information about the biometric data of the person for which the applicant is photographed, fingerprinted (provided the age of 12 years).

How to obtain a residence permit?

A residence permit can apply for foreigners as well as stateless persons who have received a permit, confirming the right of temporary residence on the territory of Russia. The prerequisite for consideration is a permanent residence during the year or a longer period on the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with pre-obtained permission, before the termination of period of validity of which is six-month or longer period. If a citizen meets these conditions, he may submit a statement of intent to obtain a residence permit in the local office of the Federal migration service. When addressing this claim, the person receives a residence permit for five years, after which can apply for its extension. To apply for an extension in advance, and the total number of possible extensions, the legislation does not limit.