You will need
  • - documents of the foreign employee;
  • - the form of the order on form T-1;
  • - application form for admission to work;
  • - model employment contract;
  • - the form of the personal card;
  • - permission to hire foreigners to work from FMS.
To have the right to use labour of foreigners and to issue them in accordance with the labor law, the employer must obtain permission from the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation. The presence of such a document is required, otherwise the illegal employment of non-residents may result in the imposition of administrative liability.
Before you begin the procedure of hiring a foreigner with a view on the residence, you must obtain permission from him to conduct labour activities in the territory of the Russian Federation. This document is a non-resident must request to the territorial office of the FMS of Russia. A work permit is issued to an alien in the form of a plastic card, it should be submitted to the employer. Be aware that a non-resident, the permit holder is entitled to work in that region, where issued the document.
The employment of the foreigner begins with the writing of applications. The document is addressed to the first face of the company and includes the date, the signature of the resident, his / her personal data, as well as job title, Department to which it should be formalized. A statement signed by the Director.
At the conclusion with the foreign worker employment contract should take into account that wages to a nonresident must transfer to the "salary" card. The contract should specify the details of your card and to register in the contract possibility of cashless payment.
Make an order in form T-1 and enter the necessary details. Will notify the Federal migration service at the place of location of the company that the foreigner is hired, he signed a contract. Within 10 days make a notification to the tax office. Note that the income of a nonresident should be taxed at 30%, which is spelled out in the relevant resolution.
Make a record of the job in the work book of the foreigner (if it previously worked on the territory of Russia) or to set up a new, complete it in accordance with the rules of warfare. Start on the employee's personal ID card and fill in the required details, getting submitted by a non-resident documents (copy of the view of the residence, passport, pension certificate (if applicable), military records (if applicable), the document on education (if necessary)).