To obtain the status of "resident" in Russia has the right to a foreign national with temporary resident status in the country (evidenced by the temporary residence permit). Foreign citizens who do not have temporary resident status on the territory of the Russian Federation can obtain a residence permit if they are invited to Russia as highly qualified specialists, as well as citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

To obtain a residence permit a foreign national must reside in the territory of the Russian Federation in temporary resident status for 1 year or more.

The residence permit is different from a temporary residence permit - the validity of residence permit (5 years), and the possibility of renewal.

Holders of a residence permit in the Russian Federation enjoy the right of visa-free entry and exit from the country, and also do not need to obtain permits to work in Russia. The residence permit is also usually a prerequisite for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation.

To obtain the residence permit required:

  1. Statement (2 copies)

  2. Photo 35x45 mm, black on white, matte paper, without a corner, full face, without hat) — 4 pieces.

  3. The identity document and proof of citizenship and temporary residence permit.

  4. A document certifying the ability to Fund your own accommodation and residence of family members on the territory of Russia at the level not below the subsistence level, or a document certifying the disability (certificate of income, income Declaration with the mark of tax authority, certificate of employment, a pension certificate, employment history, proof of receipt of benefits from the social security authorities, a certificate from the credit institution about the availability of contribution on account of, another document on the receipt of income from activities consistent with legal requirements, proof of alimony, proof of income of persons dependent which is the applicant, the certificate of right to inheritance)

  5. The document confirming the existence of premises or individual house in the place of residence

A full list of documents can be found in any branch of the migration service.

Currently, a number of law firms offer a service for completing the application on granting of a residence permit online.