You will need
  • - copy of passport with the translation of the first page;
  • - grounds for residence permit;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - proof of residence in Ukraine;
  • photography.
Grounds for temporary residence are foreigner registration of your company in Ukraine or permission to work in the existing enterprise. More real, but expensive first option. In a country where often without registration of the work even its own citizens, a work permit will be made unless a particularly valuable specialist.In the presence of temporary registration in Ukraine , the foreigner can then issue the district administration on the status of physical person - entrepreneur (the Russian analogue of the individual entrepreneur). You have to first purchase in Ukraine housing (most reliable option), or, which is harder to find someone who will agree to register the foreigner in their apartment or private house.
While in Ukraine immigration card, a foreigner may establish an analogue to the company or another enterprise. But to take on the job himself, he will have to issue a work permit yourself, please contact the employment center. And only if available to apply for the temporary form for residence. Easier for those who have a basis for permanent residence. Ukrainian laws allow seven categories of foreigners: those who previously were the citizens of the country, to the direct relatives (brothers, sisters, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren) of citizens of Ukraine, the spouses of citizens of Ukraine after two years of stay in marriage and the foreign children, parents, spouses and minor children of the holder of the view of the residence.
Right at the residence are also refugees after three years of stay in Ukraine in this status, figures of science and culture, and those who have invested in the economy of the country is not less than 100 thousand dollars.
Except for the documents confirming the basis for the views of a residence, need hefty collection of papers.
This is the certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine and country of citizenship (for permanent residence), data of medical examination for AIDS, tuberculosis and drug use, the reasons for the use of housing (ownership, rental agreement, notarized or registered in the housing office), help with housing living in the apartment or that there is no one registered. If residents have all they need to write applications that are not opposed to the introduction thereto of a foreigner.
You will also need an alien's passport with notarized translation of first page and copies the rest, 8 matte black-and-white photos 3 and 4 receipt of payment of state duty. A foreigner, issuing a temporary stay to residence for work permit, must provide a notarized copy of the permit, a copy of identification code (the Russian analogue was issued to the tax inspection at the place of registration) and copies of the constituent documents of the employer company (including your own): certificate of registration, statistics help, help from the Bank to open accounts. from the tax of no debt and registration card from the OVIR (the permit to work). All documents must be certified by the seal and the inscription "true copy".
All documents in foreign languages, including Russian (he is in the adjacent state now considered such), will have translated into Ukrainian with notarization of the translator's signature by a notary.