To adjust the shape of the feet by using exercise. There is nothing more beautiful slim ankles and toned thighs. And the fat above the knees does not cause the rapture. To do this is to go to fitness club. There are experienced instructors may select exercises. Not necessarily go there all the time - these exercises can be performed at home. But bought a subscription to a fitness club nice disciplinarum, because the house often wants to relax and not to push yourself more and exercise.
If there is no money on fitness, it is necessary to walk more, especially on stairs. This is a wonderful, and most importantly free way to tone leg muscles.
You should take care of the skin of the feet. Quite often women face such a problem as cellulite. It is not necessarily a problem full. And thin is the effect of "orange peel". Scientists have still not determined the cause of the appearance of cellulite. But developed many ways of dealing with it.
You can contact masseur. A good specialist will be able to assess the scale of the disaster and to answer whether he will be able to help and how much time it will require. Remember that one session is not limited. Their amount is defined individually in each case.
Good effect gives massage with application of various anti-cellulite creams or gels. But one of their use of the home can help. Here, too, the main thing – the regularity of application. You can use them together with hand massager. It will promote the resorption of subcutaneous fat formations, further increasing the penetration of useful substances into the skin.
Skin smoothness is achieved by use of various scrubs. Body scrubs usually have larger and more solid particles, compared to the scrubs of the face. But in this case you should rely on your own skin. Because the skin on the feet can be sensitive. Scrub helps to remove dead cells of the skin, allowing it to breathe better and updated. Well after it will apply anti-cellulite remedy, as it will better penetrate the skin through open pores.
Do not forget about moisturizing the skin of the feet. After a clean, but loose skin will not cause any admiration. In the summer it can be light moisturiser or lotion. But in winter you should pay attention to more nutritious means. Because of heating and hard water do not contribute to the increase in the degree of hydration of the skin.
So, in conclusion, hair removal. Every woman chooses what method of hair removal it is most suitable. Now modern cosmetology offers many ways of dealing with unwanted vegetation.