Do everything in advance

So no worries and constraint of boots to jump into summer sandals, it is necessary to take care of the health and beauty of your feet. Therefore, for the feet, which is not in sight, but always in hard work, you must carefully and constantly to care for the whole year. Then tidy the heel to fly will not be for you. But if the weather is hot, and your heel with yellow, rough or even cracked skin, start to act quickly.

Salon pedicure

The "lazy" and efficient option is to visit the beauty salon and do a quality pedicure. In the case when your heels running strong, to bring them to perfection will be possible only for a few sessions. Pedicure, which includes processing of all of the fingers and nails, removal of calluses and corns. In addition you will be offered the paraffin treatment, foot massage, other useful and pleasant procedure. But a visit to the beauty salon has its disadvantages. Indeed, such a campaign will take away your time and money. If you have a deficit of one or the other, it is possible to prepare the feet to fly home.

How to put in order the heels at home

The first procedure of a home pedicure should be the bath for the feet. Pour into a basin of hot water (40-43 degrees), add liquid soap and 2-3 drops of essential oil. Hold the leg in the will 10-15 minutes. Then use the pumice stone. It will remove the rough layer of old skin.

Pat each foot with a towel and let them dry. When your heels are completely dry, take a nail file for the treatment of heel and a large "floater" efficiently grind the skin of the feet, especially in places of old corns and calluses dry.
This is best done in the bathroom, because dust from dead skin will be a lot. Periodically, you can slightly moisten the skin but not the nail file.

After the sanding procedure, rinse your feet under warm water and apply liberally to the feet nourishing cream or a special mask to soften the skin. Then put on cotton socks and wear them for several hours. Best of all this procedure is done before bedtime and sleep in socks to bed.

Similar home peels should be done 2 times a week and wash the feet and to lubricate their nourishing and softening cream every day before bed. This way you will be able to get in order to heel the fly over 10 to 12 days.