Caring for the feet, in the same way as for other parts of the body, you can use both cheap and expensive cosmetics, but do not forget about the popular media.

The cause of the poor form of the legs can be different – the shoes, which leads to poor circulation, high perspiration, and corn. To prevent coarsening of the skin, it is necessary to apply measures for the care of the feet. Often, both men and women, face this problem as cracked skin on the heels. Cracking occurs due to tight shoes. The most unpleasant consequence is the development of fungal diseases on the skin and nails. All of the above is easier to prevent than to treat.

Nail care also needs to be regular at home. It is not too different from the cabin, except that the house will have to do everything ourselves. You need to steam out your legs and treat them with a pumice stone, trim the nails and sanded with a nail file. Then apply the varnish, which most want at the moment.

Care for your heels. If walking in the area of the feet and heels arise unpleasant sensations, most likely you have appeared or will soon appear cracks. Data education creates discomfort and can lead to serious consequences, therefore, to treat the foot must be immediately. If it's not just cracked, but there are still ulcers, and swelling, then consult your doctor.

To achieve a beautiful and smooth feet need to be patient. Sometimes the feet are so fuzzy, I only need a few months of systematic use of cosmetics to achieve the desired result. Beautiful feet is the result of painstaking care and careful maintenance. Do not regret the time you spend to care for themselves. To be beautiful and well-groomed, worthy of any woman regardless of age.