Normally care for heels comes down to timely wash and cleanse away dry skin and dead skin moisturizing nourishing creams. But if your heels rough, covered with calluses and cracks, these simple techniques will be insufficient.
Even if you can't afford to spend heavily on cosmetics to give their feet proper care is still always possible. The simplest and cheapest means to care for rough heels is ordinary petroleum jelly, which can be bought at any pharmacy.
Make a warm bath for the feet. To soften add the water a teaspoon of glycerin or a bit of liquid soap. Put your feet in the water and thoroughly wet them. Then with a pumice stone attrice rough skin of clean pink. If the skin is cracked, try not to touch with a pumice stone.
Wipe your feet dry and slather your heels with thick layer of vaseline. Then secure it with a bandage, wear over a simple cotton socks and leave the poultice for 6-8 hours. This is best done at night to avoid exposing your legs to additional loading. In the morning remove the plaster with vaseline, again wash your feet and wipe. If you repeat this procedure every day, all the cracks will heal fast.
If the cracks are deep and painful, try to do the treatment cycle from vegetable oils. The fact is that many vegetable oils are not only soothing, but also anti-microbial and wound-healing effect. It is best suitable for this purpose castor, almond, peach oil. A compress is done as follows. Rasparte feet, liberally grease them with butter, put on top of simple cotton socks. Wrap feet on top of plastic bags to prevent the oil leaked out and sit there for a few hours. Then remove the compress, wash your feet and apply a nourishing cream.
For greater effect, the treatment of daily foot bath can be done with decoctions of herbs. For them good plants such as inula, chamomile, sage, oak bark, calendula, St. John's wort, etc. you Can do the bath with a decoction of several herbs at a time. If two or three times a week before bedtime lubricate legs a thick layer of nourishing fat of the cream and then put on the socks, the skin of heels and feet will remain thin and delicate, and any cracks and skin growths disappear forever.