Summer is approaching, and not only your body, hair and face require care. The legs perform a complex job, and that they have a hard time. How to care for your feet and what to do, so they don't sweat?

Healthy feet

To get rid of athlete's foot. More precisely, the smell. Try to change shoes. To do this, purchase 2 pairs of shoes. Of course, not everyone will be able to afford it, so you can simply wash the shoes every day. If you walk in sneakers, socks and insoles need to be changed as often as possible. For example, the insole can be changed every 3rd day, and socks daily. Also there are various baths that will help relieve tired at night with your legs and get rid of the smell.

Do a pedicure. It is as important as manicure. Under the nails clogged with dirt and dust, and if there is some kind of wound, it can get bacteria, so the infection.

Use a variety of deodorants for the feet, they will help some time not to sweat them. By the way, from sweating also helps talc or baby powder.

Do not wear tight shoes. From it your legs are more tired and the more you sweat. If you are at work, the smell will amaze everyone around and this is extremely unpleasant.

If you are taking public bath or sauna, then wear their own slates. The fact that it's easier to catch a fungal infection.

Why is it so important? The unpleasant odor is due to dust and dirt that absorb your feet plus they sweat and bacteria just love that atmosphere. They breed in warm and wet places.

So, if you do not care for your feet, get ready for a possible appearance of the fungus. That cannot happen, first, your Pets can catch from you, and secondly, the fungus is more difficult to remove.

How effective is foot care at home? Of course, Yes. Moreover, home all can be done. If you do not know how to do a pedicure, then, of course, you can contact the professionals, at the same time and asked to do massage and mask for the feet. Baths can be done from various herbs. They are sold in pharmacies and is very inexpensive.

As you can see, caring for your feet is not too difficult. Do the night bath. Every day you can do totally different tubs, the Internet is a bunch of good recipes, wash your shoes, follow the tips and you will forget about the problems with his legs!

Be healthy and beautiful.