In order to prevent the formation of hard plaque on your heels, you should follow some rules. So, before sunbathing it is necessary to protect the feet in moisturizing compositions, and periodicals will help active massage with a fat nutritious cream. From time to time it is necessary to do foot baths and face masks.

Solution for cleansing the heels

To make the heels of my feet soft, in warm water you should add vinegar to this solution of the feet should be left for 15 minutes. Later in the course you need to put a soft brush, which will help to make the massage. For the most calloused areas it is necessary to use a hard brush. Then the feet have to put it in cold water for 15 seconds, wipe them, and in half an hour to cream.

The use of pumice stone and pedicure machine

Pumice and the machine can be used not only as a standalone tool for the purification of heels, but coupled with prepared with his own hands. To do this, dissolve a few teaspoons of baking soda in 1 liter of water, adding to the composition of 1 tablespoon of liquid soap. Components should be beat until you get fluffy foam and then placed in a solution legs, hold them there until the softening of the skin, which then can be cleaned with a pumice stone, pedicure brush or with a special machine.

To soften skin before use of mechanical cleansing of the heels will help the mortar of white clay, it should be placed in warm water, and then put there feet for 20 minutes. As an alternative, to use starch solution in the amount of 2 tablespoons of powder to dissolve in 1 liter of water, duration of bath 20 minutes. After the heel can be cleaned not too stiff brush, which can be replaced by a washcloth.

Folk remedy for rough heels

Before use, the foot should be treated with a pedicure brush, drying skin with a towel. To prepare the composition in a vial of glycerine, which is sold incomplete, add vinegar, the mixture should be shaken and lubricate the heel. For greater efficiency means the feet need to wear plastic bags, tying knots at the ankles, over the socks must be worn. To do the procedure recommended at night or during the day for 40 minutes.

After exposure of the composition of the skin can be treated with a brush that will get rid of the softened particles. Then it needs to be lubricated with cream. This tool can be used as a prevention every one to two weeks.