When choosing clothing, prefer one that has a vertical pattern. This does not mean that you necessarily have to buy dresses in striped and look like the African Zebra. Enough to the vertical is emphasized by the shape of the cut and stitches. Avoid horizontal lines they make you look heavier and make the figure prosemite. Also, you should not choose clothes with large, lurid drawings.
Note the close-fitting dresses, particularly sheath dresses. They have great to sit on your tender form. You go dresses with flowing vertical pleats. But the dresses made of thick fabrics to wear is not recommended. Choose dresses with u-neck; better if the waist is slightly too high, and the sleeve is three quarter length (sleeveless dress also visually lengthens the figure). Refrain from very long dresses and skirts, but if you pick up a skirt with a slit at the back – this is for you at the time.
Keep in mind that you are more suitable dark, plain clothing. Some contrasting horizontal insertion will divide a shape into parts and further shorten you. Bright colors and fabrics with Shine visually complete.
Use jackets and blazers in length, a little above the hips, but you are advised not to wear double-breasted jackets.
Choose skinny pants and shoes with a high heel (but not more than 8 cm). They will always be a winning option for you. Short pants, capris, breeches, on the contrary, you most likely will not work. Like the shoes on the platform, which will increase the disproportionality of the figure. Note that walking in the heels produces a particular female gait "from the hip", which makes a great impression on men.
To decorate and give glamour to your appearance choose the right accessories should not be large and massive, and, most importantly, they should not be much. After all, you are an attractive woman, not a Christmas tree.