Choose the right styles of pants. Cropped pants make the legs even shorter, so discard models up to mid calf and get rid of the habit to hit on the leg. The ideal would be a style high-waisted – pants must be straight cut, with arrows. No lapels and flared trousers, understated belts and massive buckles – your task is not to draw attention to the waist, and to distract the eye from short legs.
Wear the skirt. The best option would be a skirt knee length, straight or slightly flared. Folds perfect hide plump hips, and knees if not very beautiful, you can disguise the extra long models. But the hem of the skirt should just cover the knees – models up to mid-calf and long skirts will only reinforce the impression of a squat.
Choose dresses and sundresses with a high waist. The fitted bodice and Empire waist perfectly conceal the folds on the abdomen and sagging buttocks. Place under the breast to emphasize the broad ribbon or sash, the fabric is better to choose flying, flowing or tight (for winter). The silhouette of the gown can be narrow or flared.
Don't wear a belt. Everything that defines the waist (waist belts in different shapes and sizes), skinny models, slim silhouettes – this is not for you. Coats and overcoats have to be single cut, smooth silhouette without a belt. The same applies to dresses, blouses and jackets – the higher the volume you create in the waist and hips, the more effective will be the image.
Avoid contrasts. The colors of the outfit should be plain or designed in the same color. Sharp contrasts (white top – black bottom, bright blouse tucked into dark pants, etc.) will allow a visual estimate of the imperfect proportions of your body. Tights must be of the same shade with the shoes, and no combination of dark shoes and stockings Nude.
Wear high heels. Shoes low heels or flat shoes "down to earth" figure, making short legs even shorter. The heels should be high, but not too thin – so the figure will look slimmer.
"Cut" the torso. Short jackets up to the waist, Bolero and tops, opening the abdomen, optically reduce the length of the body. Large accessories attract attention to the chest and neck, distracting him from his feet.