Fashion shows filled with skinny models, whose figures resemble a boy, and a huge number of girls sit on diets in order to achieve the same results. In today's world, the girls with boyish figures as feminine, as the owner of magnificent forms. To reveal their sexuality with the help of clothes, you can resort to various tricks.

Clothes that will conceal imperfections and highlight the advantages of

Girls with a boyish figure usually have broad shoulders, small Breasts and a slim waist. This is not a problem. Broad shoulders help hide thin blouse with lace sleeves. It is advisable to choose a solid pastel color. To combine these blouses can be with skinny jeans and leggings. To Supplement the image will help large bracelets, handbags, or shoes with high chunky heel. Narrow chest and wide to the bottom of the dress will help to create the illusion of curvy hips. These dresses are usually combined with wide belts. As much as possible to divert attention from the broad shoulders and small Breasts, you can focus on your feet. You need to choose pants and jeans with bright and contrasting prints. But this method is only suitable for those girls who have slender legs.

In General, girls with a boyish figure luck. They can afford to choose clothing that is not available to other fashionistas. Thus, it is possible to flaunt in their original outfits, the admiration of men and a envy of her friends.